1. What is the basic requirement for admission in Fellowship courses?

The surgical oncology/ microsurgery fellowships & MSc course require a post graduation in OMFS whereas the Medical oncology fellowship course requires a Post graduation in Oral Medicine and Radiology. 

2. Is this a structured Fellowship program?

Yes this is a structured program with a syllabus with time allotted to lectures, practical’s , ward rounds and research.

3. How are the patients given a multidisciplinary treatment here?

Treatment plans of each patient is decided by MDTs conducted every week, where the Fellows play an important part in working up and discussing and presenting the cases. 

4. Do Fellows in Oral Oncology get enough exposure in medical and radiation oncology?

Due to the presence of Tumor board discussions , fellows are automatically given a good idea on multidisciplinary patient management. Students are also given postings in medical and radiation oncology departments.